Chad Malla

A Computing science major with a concentration in AI.
Software developer and machine learning enthusiast.
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Recent Project Work

Generating Dog Images:

In my most recent work in a Kaggle competition, Generating Dog Images, I used state-of-the-art generative methods in attempts to create pictures of dogs never seen before. The competition is on-going so the work is still in progress. More details are followed in my Kaggle kernel.

Technologies: Python, Tensorflow, Keras, DCGAN

Work Experience

Data Analyst @ Sierra Wireless

I gather data, automate report generation for frequently requested reports providing insights into data deficiencies and making recommendations to address. I substantially reduced the company hours of manual labor with my scalable solution for SFTP file transfer to a third party vendor and also an automated solution to transfer warranty from 3000+ products at once.

Technologies: Python, SQL Server Data Tools, MSSQL Server 2017, SQL (Jobs, Stored Procedures)

Full-stack developer @ Plexia

Customized the EMR web application following clients' requirements. Implemented new features, fixed bugs and documented changes. Collaborated with other developers bringing efficient medical record managment software solutions.

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, SQL, MSSQL Server 2017, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Visual Studio, TFS

Support Technician @ ClearDent

Communicated with clients providing technical help with the ClearDent management software. Performed updates, managed database systems, and set up client-server architectures for clients. Worked on data migration and revising the company's knowledge base project improving company

Technologies: SQL, Jira, Confluence, Salesforce

Skills and Technology Experience


  • Python
  • SQL
  • R
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • Java (mainly from Hackerrank problems)

Familiar through coursework: C, C++, Matlab


  • Tensorflow/Keras
  • React Native
  • NoSQL
  • AWS (Lambda, S3, API Gateway)
  • Jupyter
  • Git

Soft Skills

Non-technical skills

In this section, please find highlights
of my personal non-technical skills that I believe
your company will benefit from:


I have worked in various tech companies that have widely different environments. One of them is an open environment with an agile methodology collaborating with fellow team members with strict company conventions that must be followed. In comparison to an environment where I worked in a cubicle independently with the freedom and responsibility to research potential technologies for accomplishing a project, developing a solution and deploying it to production. I am capable of working independently or with a team; however, a blend of both is most desirable.

Quick Learner

Although, I only listed 6 languages and technologies, I have worked with multiple other languages dependent on the task at hand. I like to learn new tools and research on the benefits as well as the tradeoffs so I am able to determine the best approach when given a new problem to solve. I learn quickly whether it is a new language, an integration software or another Javascript library. I have demonstrated this through coursework where I transition from Python for a Machine Learning class to R for Data Mining and Intro to Data Science classes then back to Python for Computational Data Science class. I also successfully showcased this skill set at work by picking up a new language like C# for development at Plexia and building ETL pipelines using SSIS and SSRS at Sierra Wireless.


As an introvert, I wasn't always great at talking with new people nor was I open to the idea of it. However, through my previous position as a Sales Consultant at OSL, I quickly got out of my comfort zone and engaged with customers in order to push sales and to exceed the quota required. I was placed top 3 in the Western Canadian district for sales and also top 5 in the customer satisfaction working as a support technician at ClearDent. I communicate clearly and effectively when volunteering as a mentor at Canada Learning Code, speaking in meetings at work and networking at Vancouver's data science meetup group where we presented past Kaggle competitions.


Most Enjoyed Classes:

  • Software Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Algorithms 1 & 2
  • Data Mining
  • Computer Vision
  • Intro to & Computational Data Science
    (2 courses)

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